What is Farmfront?

Farmfront group is the world’s leading irrigation platform, changing how we farm in a changing world. Farmfront brings together world leading providers to deliver better irrigation on a global scale.

Why does Farmfront exist?

In today’s world, farmers face unprecedented challenges on the front line of climate change. They battle water scarcity and extreme weather conditions daily. It is more crucial than ever for them to have the confidence that their investments in equipment will pay off with improved yields, greater water efficiency, and, ultimately, a more profitable and successful business.

Integrating market leading technologies and deep agricultural expertise, Farmfront ensures that farmers have access to the irrigation solutions they need to adapt to different farming realities.

What is Farmfront’s ambition for the irrigation market?

There are more than 10-million farmers across Europe, yet just 17% are using the most efficient irrigation technology. Globally, just 18% of arable land is being irrigated, and of that, just a quarter is being irrigated with efficient technologies.

Therefore, improvements in irrigation efficiency are critical to supporting farmers worldwide in addressing the challenges posed by climate change and water scarcity.

Farmfront exists to drive this improvement. Delivering cutting edge and digitally enabled irrigation services across the platform to help farmers have access to the complete solutions they need to improve their water efficiency and grow more profitably and sustainably.

Our ultimate goal is to help farmers build stronger farms through better irrigation.

How will Farmfront be different to other irrigation companies?

Farmfront is the first irrigation company in the world to integrate a full suite of irrigation technologies and digitally enabled services.

Farmfront will be closer to farmers, providing the honest answers they can trust to improve their performance and grow sustainably.

Farmfront group companies will work together to accelerate innovation and find smarter solutions for sustainable water use on a global scale.

What is the role of the Farmfront Group in relation to owned companies?

Farmfront brings together leading irrigation firms, including Ocmis, Irrimec, Otech, and RKD, into a coordinated platform. The new group will create the benefits of scale, a supportive and resilient network, and the opportunity for collaborative innovation, ultimately benefiting customers, employees, and the wider market.

What will be different for customers and partners of Farmfront companies?

Farmfront Group companies are independently operated and managed, so customer relationships will not change. With Farmfront’s additional support and reach, we are committed to bringing even more benefits over time.

Where in the world does Farmfront operate?

Headquartered in Milan, Farmfront employs more than 450 people across 6 manufacturing sites in Italy, Spain, and France, with sales to over 100 countries around the world. The group is the largest player in mechanical irrigation in Europe, serving a truly global market.